Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Conference Program

Acceleration of History
War, Conflicts and Politics
Nicosia, 21 March 2015
European University Cyprus
Auditorium Delta

09:30    Welcome by Prof. Kosta Gouliamos,
Rector of European University Cyprus
Introduction to the Conference: Dr Alexios Alecou, Fellow,        
Institute of Commonwealth Studies, SAS, University of London.

10:00    Panel I
Chair: Dr Alexios Alecou

10:00-10:20 Prof. Nikolai S. Rozov, Novosibirsk State University
        Acceleration of History: The conceptual Framework for Causal Analysis

10:20-10:40 Dr Svetlana Shchegolikhina, Russian State Pedagogical University
                      The Right to War and Violence: From Objectivity to the Acceptability

10:40-11:00 Dr Juan Luis Fernandez, University of Cantabria
                        Messianic Times: The Great War as the Trigger of World History

11:00-11:20 Marios Siammas, King's College London
The contribution of Cyprus to the Second World War as part of the Allied Forces and the impact of War on the military and political evolution of the island


11:45-12:00    Coffee Break

12:00    Panel II
Chair: Dr Christos Kassimeris

12:00-12:20 Dr Andreas Karyos, Open University of Cyprus
The Acceleration of History and Decolonization in the Eastern Mediterranean: the case of Cyprus in the 1950’s

12:20-12:40 Andreas Themistocleous, Researcher
Dialectic of history’s acceleration: from the cold war bipolar stability to the post-cold war unipolar instability

12:40-13:00 Dr Zenonas Tziarras, University of Warwick
Power Decentralization in the International System and the "Acceleration of History

13:00-13:20 Dr Maria Mut Bosque, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
        The decentralization of the European Union as a solution to the EU paralysis


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